Italy Connoisseurs

Italy Connoisseurs

We can tell exactly what kind of travel arrangements you need, the type of experience you are truly seeking, and that’s thanks not only to our 20 years of experience in the right fields- 5-star hotels, luxury services catering to a huge range of travellers’ requirements and wishes – but also to our special talent for understanding and anticipating what an individual VIP traveller is really looking for and when.
Ours is a true passion for offering you what’s best about Italy – from excellent food, timeless works of art, to unforgettable beautiful places and more. Our aim is to make sure that what we have to offer transforms the time you spend travelling into a marvellous, memorable experience. We genuinely love our work and know we are the answer to your needs.
If you need someone who can help you to avoid the same old itineraries and crowds and waste time queueing to get into museums, galleries and monuments.
Let us share with you the lesser-known aspects, the hidden treasures of Italy.
Allow us to show you places and things that very few travellers manage to see.