Italy Connoisseurs

Alessia Lipani

Alessia was born in Acireale, located near Catania in the beautiful island of Sicily . She graduated in languages ( English , French and Spanish ) at the College “ Regina Elena “ in 2006. She start to develop her skills in the business industries from 2006 till 2011, managing the reception desk of Parco Dafne, Villa Candida and La Casa del Grecale, three beautiful famous tourist Properties , well known for weddings events. She then moved into Rome, having the great chance to be part of the Reception desk Team of the one and only “ Hotel De Russie “ , where she completed her experience at the highest possible level in the Tourism industries. She joined “ Italyconnoisseurs” on January 2016, ready to build a new important Capitol of her life, starting to share her skills in serving “ Italyconnoisseurs Clients” and help Italyconnoisseurs in acquiring new efforts and passion in order to design and project fabulous trip all over the Italian Country.