Italy Connoisseurs

Private Jets Helicopters and Yachts

We know full well that private planes, helicopters and yachts are often necessary elements when VIPs travel, and that your safety and enjoyment require the highest reliability and the most excellent service. We can guarantee that all your transport needs will be dealt with by professionals who excel in what they do.
We personally contact your pilot, your crew or your skipper and very often the owners themselves, and we ensure that the quality of your means of transport and its maintenance are perfect. Not only: the charges we get on your behalf are lower than elsewhere without sacrificing any of the most excellent standards.
With us you’ll be able to fly from wherever you are to wherever you want to be – both in Italy and abroad. Or maybe what you desire is to set off on a cruise from any Italian port to a destination that entices you – the loveliest tourist spots, idyllic coastlines or islands in any part of the Mediterranean - on one of the many types and sizes of yachts we can supply you with - skipper and caboose included!